Corn Specialty Hybrids

Developing hybrids to meet the wide-ranging needs of farmers is our business. That's why many of AgriGold's high-yielding hybrids meet the unique and varied output grain specifications of today's buyers. Our specialty products team is constantly working with these buyers to determine the best hybrids for their processing needs.

Conventional Traits

Conventional genetics give optimum yield for growers who choose not to use biotechnology. Non-GMO premiums for the grain provide additional income opportunities for customers.

Select Silage

AgriGold knows the importance of quality silage products for our customers’ feed needs. We use third-party silage testing on our silage products to ensure dairy and livestock producers are confident that our hybrid recommendations will boost their bottom line.

Waxy Traits

The AgReliant Genetics Waxy Conversion program develops the waxy version of many of our outstanding hybrids. Waxy corn growers benefit from high yields, great agronomics and grain premiums.

HEC Traits

Hard endosperm corn hybrids are selected based on kernel characteristics that meet the criteria of food-corn processors. The combination of high yields and grain premiums means higher profits for corn growers.

Explore Corn Hybrids

Find the perfect seed for your soil. AgReliant Genetics delivers 
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